Carmelo Anthony Covers Haute Time Magazine

Carmelo Anthony covers Haute Time Magazine for the Spring 2014 issue.  If you are the type of person that loves timepieces then Haute Time Magazine is for you.

This issue will be paying homage to the NBA and one of the magazine’s co-founders, Carmelo Anthony. The Spring 2014 edition of the magazine features NBA players: Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade, Chris Paul, Ray Allen, and Russell Westbrook.


Allegedly Dwayne Wade Baby momma Aja Metoyer Speaks Out Called Gabby Union Engagement Ring Recycle


Didn’t I mention this situation was going to get messy and messy.  Aja Metoyer decided to speak out on twitter.  Twitter can be so messy when you think noone is watching but someone is always watching.

Check out the tweets below:


DId Aja Metoyer just shade Gabrielle Union engagement right and call it a recycle ring?  Ouch.


I think someone need to remind her there is nothing wrong with being a single mom without a wedding ring.  Things happen and life goes on.

I see she also shade the lovely couple by calling Dwayne a cheater and Gabby a drunk.  So what do that make her?  A sneaky puss?

When you deal with a man that is in a situation, a relationship or marriage and he comes to you trying to get into your panties: the first thing he is going to tell you is they are having problems or they broke up.  Player 101 in the players book.

Once he get whatever he want from you or the situation gone sour he always go back to the person he was with from the get go.


Now I find this so funny.  Now her sister is claiming that the twitter acct @AjaMetoyer is fake but what she failed to realize this is the same account on twitter that Dwayne Wade tweeted to wishing her a Happy Mother’s day.


Now if the above tweets are supposely a fake account why did Dwayne Wade tweet to Aja at the same account.  This is what we call damage control. 


Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union Shows Off The Engagement Ring For New Years

I guess we can say now that everything is out in the open that Gabrielle Union is still engage and no matter what  or who she still going to marry her man Dwayne Wade.

Check out the pose by showing “Damn right bitches he might has a baby with a well known groupie but I got the ring and will soon be Mrs. Dwayne Wade”.

Gabrielle Union all I have to say is I hope you get a iron clan prenup on this fool. A cheating claus where everytime he decides to cheat or it get place in the media he will pay you. 

I know Gabrielle has a reason to marry Dwayne well a plan.

Of course we have the Bosh pose with Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade on New Years in the Bahamas celebrating the new year together.

Messy: Gabrielle Union and Aja Metoeyer are Friends

Happy Birthday to my girl @itsgabrielleu ! Our candid talks, ab aching laughter & shoulders 2 lean on are reasons why I love this game 😉 Keep shining! Love u

I told you this situation was going to get more messy.  Now lets stop the presses for a minute.  This is some scandalous stuff right here.  

Gabrielle Union is friend with Aja Metoeyer all this damn time.  These pictures are taken over different events. 

Here what I have to say Gabby and Aja has a mutual friend that is also a NBA babymomma.  Now if this mutual friend knew Gabby and Dwayne was having issues with their relationship and she told her friend Aja that is some shady stuff.

Those Miami Heat WAGS need to put a announcement out to let other wives know Aja Metoeyer is scandalous and not to be trust around your man.  I truly hope Gabrielle Union has cut all ties with this chick.  Shady Puss.

This is why I say you can not trust everybody to be in your business.  That same friend that sit there smiling all up in your face is the same one that will try to sleep with your man.  I guess they all know how Dwayne Wade roll since according to rumors Dwayne is a notorious cheater.

By know women all over the world are saying Gabrielle Union got Karma due to her cheating with Dwayne while he was marry to his ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches

Do you think Gabrielle Union has met her Karma?

Oh No Lamar Odom Drunk And Admitted to Cheating On Khloe Kardashian While Free styling Rapping With Shirtless Best friend



TMZ finally landed a video of Lamar Odom either high as hell or Drunk.  In this video we have Lamar and his best friend rapping where both of them are shirtless.

“I know all of the tricks… I know all the pricks… They can’t say it to my face what they saying’ to the papes. F**k all that. I’m still on a chase and I’m far from ra-jaesh,” Lamar said in his first verse.  He later continued, “Keep the grass cut so I can always see the stakes… But let me tell you something. I’m telling you s**t was me. That’s why the boy got his own freaking place… When Khloe’s out of town, I still be on the DL… You take us to the jungle and we A-OK. All I do is p-rrr and the pain goes away… In some place where they hate blacks. That’s why I stay in the room, smoke a little trigs and watch the town run black.”

There has been reports that Lamar and Khloe was suppose to be working things out but after this public announcement of him cheating on Khloe  I truly hope she take this as lost and continue on with her life.


NFL/NBA Groupie Blast Dez Bryant Claiming He Like Strap-Ons and Urine + Dez Bryant Is Going To Sued


I always say Twitter can be the best playground for any athlete out here but what do you do when you have a groupie that want to put you on blast. 

Here we have a Groupie that goes by the name @NFL_NBA-hoe that bust the door wide open and spill all the tea on these players. 

Here she just cold busted Dez Bryant tea all over twitter:





Look I don’t put anything pass anyone.  What you do behind close doors that is your privacy but when will these athletes wake up and realize just because she has a coke bottle body, smile with long hair that she can not be trusted.  Soon as things don’t go well these groupies want to blast all the business all over twitter. 

Anyway check out the other tweets she posted.  Wow, whoever this person is has been busy. 


Damn wondering how these players feel about this cup of tea being spill on them?


Groupie Lied about Abortion-  WOOOOOOOWWWWW


This got to wondering how many other suppose to be abortions she have run this game on.  SMDH.


I guess Dez Bryant is letting these groupies know he is not playing and that he is going to sued.  I guess it must have hit home because this Groupie sure did close her account down.


ESPY’s Award 2013 Glam Watch”Dwayne Wade Walks The Red Carpet With Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union Red Carpet Arrivals ESPY Awards 2013

Gabrielle Union Red Carpet Arrivals ESPY Awards 20132

Miami Heat Star Dwayne Wade and his long time girlfriend Gabrielle Union was spotted walking the red carpet at the 2013 ESPY’s Award.

Gabrielle Union wore a striking Marc Bouwer Fall 2012 heavily embellished frock with a plunging neckline, open back and slashed shoulders.

A very stunning couple.

Shots Fired: Royce Reed Puts Chris and Adrienne Bosh On Blast



Alright lets get started.  So this weekend  not only has Royce Reed, former Vh1 basketball wives reality star,  was telling all of her baby daddy Dwight Howard business regarding his own basketball team of kids.  She also went head to head with Adrienne Bosh who is marry to Miami Heat Winner Chris Bosh who have a daughter with her friend Allison Mathis.

Chris Bosh and his wife just announce they are having another child a baby girl of their own but here is the kicker Chris Bosh also wants custody of his daughter Trinity. 

You can check out the article is on below. 

Newly-minted NBA champion Chris Bosh has been busy with more than just basketball … he’s been embroiled in a bitter legal battle with his ex to snag custody of their 4-year-old daughter, TMZ has learned.
Bosh has filed legal docs asking a judge to strip his ex, Allison Mathis, of primary physical custody of Trinity.
Bosh claims Mathis has been trying to alienate the kid from him … blocking contact, refusing to let them travel together, and poisoning their daughter against him.
Bosh wants primary physical custody, but says he’s more than  willing to give Mathis her fair share of mother-daughter time in the form of visitation.
Mathis has fired back in her own legal docs, saying his complaints are BS.
The custody battle between Bosh and Mathis has been raging for years — you’ll recall, just last June Bosh was denied permission to take his daughter to the Olympics.
But hey, at least he’s got another championship ring.


Now you this is Bulls crap that the Bosh family are trying to pull.  Didn’t  just recently Adrienne announce that she was pregnant again and that this time she was having a little girl?

Here we have Royce standing up for Allison and telling it like it is:


OOPs I guess  Chris and Adrienne got busted for sending TMZ.and other media outlets information about this long custody case.  Royce also spilt how they are being harassed by the Bosh’s lawyers and not going to take it anymore.

Now here is the kicker.  I hope this is not true for what Adrienne is asking another female child to call her Mom. NO No NO NO boo boo I don’t care if your husband is a millionaire, when it come to another woman child you will always be a stepmother.   That is so disrespectful. 


We all know by now that Adrienne Bosh is not going to respond to these allegation that Royce brought up on twitter.

Carmelo Anthony Covers Slam Magazine 162


New York Knicks Superstar Forward poses on the roof of midtown Manhattan’s Ace Hotel and shot the gold medal winner with NYC’s most iconic building in the background.


I have to say Carmelo is looking very good in these photos.


Carmelo Anthony graces the cover of Slam Magazine 162 which will be on the new stands soon.